02 July 2013

Let me preface this with a simple fact: I’m addicted to coffee, not caffeine. But definitely addicted.

If you ever find yourself in LA, and you’re jonesing for something lightyears ahead of Starbucks/Peet’s/Coffee Bean/etc., then you’ve found the right list. Without further ado, here are my favorite coffee shops, from least to most favorite.

  • Funnel Mill
    • high-brow atmosphere
    • they have a pricy designer siphon coffee menu
    • lots of interesting coffee choices
    • “no cellphone zone”
    • I’d go back mainly to try the interesting siphon coffee choices
  • Bru
    • relaxed industrial atmosphere
    • has a loft area
  • ELABrew Santa Monica
    • small shop, good for on-the-go or lunch break
    • good house blend drip coffee
    • pourovers
    • best I’ve tried within the Santa Monica music business district
  • Intelligentsia Silverlake
    • hipster vibe, but that’s fun for people watching
    • hard to find parking
    • very extensive whole bean coffee selection
    • obviously, they only brew Intelligentsia-roasted coffee
  • Cafe Americano
    • small shop, very laid-back atmosphere, great for long conversations
    • downstairs and upstairs lounges
    • friendly baristas with excellent coffee knowledge
    • they roast and sell their own coffee, and it’s really fresh and good!
  • Paper or Plastik Cafe
    • has a loft area, great for people watching
    • no computers during weekends
    • they roast and sell their own coffe
    • also sell other roasters’ beans
  • Sqirl
    • Silverlake staple
    • excellent coffee
    • known for their food/jam as well
    • it’s a small shop but it’s fun!
  • Intelligentsia Venice
    • very nice atmosphere, must be experienced
    • interesting people watching
    • parking can be tough
    • very extensive whole bean coffee selection
    • obviously, they only brew Intelligentsia-roasted coffee
  • Alfred
    • no pourovers
    • serve stumptown espresso/drip only
    • pleasant, laid-back and relaxing atmosphere
    • plenty of seating
    • good for long conversations on the patio
  • Coffee Commissary
    • my favorite!
    • cool contemporary/industrial atmosphere
    • excellent pourovers
    • excellent people watching (it’s almost always busy)
    • excellent whole bean coffee selection
    • knowledgeable and friendly bariastas
    • very dog friendly (outdoor seating, lots of dog owners)

Places I’ve never been:

  • C+ Coffee (punk + coffee in glendale)
  • Handsome Coffee (roasters + shop)
  • Coffee Conservatory
  • many more!

Well, that does it for today folks. My next coffee-related post will be on the subject of my favorite roasters. Stay tuned. Until next time, have an awesome coffee shop experience!


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